The Uncomfortable Art Gallery curates international works of art, dealing with the topic of  the so called "comfort women" and fighting against the increasing censorship of art.

The UAG, based in Berlin, was founded on the basis of the statue of peace by artist couple Kim Eun-sung and Kim Seo-kyung. The statue of peace is a memorial for girls and women who were forced into prostitution by the Japanese government during World War II.

After the peace statue was solemnly unveiled on September 28, 2020 in Berlin-Moabit, the Japanese chief cabinet secretary announced that he would take action against the statue. Shortly after the Japan's foreign minister contacted the German foreign minister, Heiko Maas. The district office in Mitte revoked the previously granted approval as early as October 8th, 2020.

The Uncomfortable Art Gallery sees this as a direct attack on artistic freedom. Therefore we call all artists to action. Fight with us against censorship and for the freedom of the arts.

For each statue that is removed, place another one.

For each picture that is covered up, paint two more.


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Get comfortable being uncomfortable

As a first and direct response against the ongoing art censorship the UAG provides a royalty-free stencil.

Feel free to download the artwork and use it in any way or on whatever medium you want. Unite with us and bring this stencil to the streets to show your support for the UAG and the so called „comfort women“.